Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Where to start....

First of all, this lappy is on it's last legs and is getting v tempremental so I'm gonna take the opportunity to lump all my pics/posts on together. The bloomin OAP of the computer world kept crashing (badly) last night and needed to rest up for the remainder of the evening. So here goes...
Went to Perth on Saturday to spend the lovely birthday vouchers I got from my collegues at work. This is what I bought. Yay! Those are some beautiful PaperArtsy stamps which were quite expensive but I felt no guilt as they were a gift, hoorray! Of course I had to buy a coupla of wee extras to make the journey worthwhile. A big thankyou to all in the 3rd floor editorial office - now I have new stuff to play with. Thank you card to be posted later...OAP lappo permitting!
J :-)

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