Saturday, 22 March 2014

Real paper things...

...I made these recently - one's a loo roll mini and the other a card for a colleague who is leaving to work abroad.

Still love making these for folks - always warmly received!
Have a safe trip Lucy!

    This mini was decorated mainly with some leftover sheets from an old K and Company pad called Wild Saffron. I loved that pad and it's almost all used up now. I really liked the colours in it - bright but earthy at the same time - gorgeous! Wonder if it's still available?
     The card was made using a MAMBI prefolded card stack pack I got at TK Maxx - a snip for £3.99 and a good buy as it makes 24 cards (eventually!) all lovely monochromatic designs like this one. The fox, flower and background wording stamps were from a set that came with Get Stamping magazine. That was another really good buy as I use these stamps a lot. Don't know if any of you got these too but I love the funky designs that came in this set. There's even a cute moustache!!!
     Well, it's a lovely sunny day this Saturday morning and I must spend a bit of time in the garden - it badly needs a bit of TLC so that's my mission for the weekend. We had a very mild winter this year so the weeds didn't actually stop growing and the garden has suffered.  It's always a job worth doing tho' as it looks so nice when it's all neat and tidy...

Have fun however you creatively spend it!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday morning catch-up!

Hi all,
It's been a busy week as usual here. Millie is rehearsing for the school musical and doing a lot of induction stuff up at the high school she is going to after the summer hols! Sadie is doing various after school activities which means a bit of to-ing and fro-ing also. I had a lovely little catch-up this week with my cousin from Hull who came to stay with my mum for a few days - Hi Joan! So busy blethering we forgot to take any photos tho - tut! Was lovely to remember all those family connections and fun times at gran and grandad's!
    Talking of photos tho, I recently changed my phone and downloaded all my old photos from it onto the computer. Mostly they're not that good (nothing new there then!) but they do seem to be fine for digital scrapping which is handy as I seem to be on a roll with that just now!
    I recently managed to download some free kraft papers and corrie card bits and pieces which will come in handy. I think I like my digital LOs to look realistic just like they are done by hand the traditional way. I'm gonna print them out 8x8 size and put them in an album I have so they don't get forgotten about on my Mac.
    Here's my latest....

Yum !
Happy Sunday all - hope you manage to fit in a bit of crafting today!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

When Millie met Jacky...

Hello all,
Here's my latest digital offering...
    My eldest daughter was invited to take part in a Q & A feature for The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine a couple of years ago. We had a lovely day at Edinburgh Book Festival and met Jacky who was just a delight, a really lovely lady. You can tell she really cares about her readers - she gave an hour's talk to a packed out marquee answering lots of questions from the audience and after a book signing session it was our turn for a private meeting with her. We decided we couldn't go empty handed so we made her a name plate for her office and took her cat Jacob a cat toy which Jacqueline was thrilled with. It was a great day!

Jacqueline loved her gifts!

I designed a lot of the digital elements on this page myself supplementing them with elements I bought from AC Digitals. I hope you like it!
Thankyou to all who keep visiting my little blog,

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Good Morning Sunday!

Hey everyone,
I've been itching to try another digital LO so I got up nice and early this morning to try one out... I started with a 12x12 chevron pattern I made in Adobe Illustrator - the blue colour was picked to contrast with the sweet sugary colours of the American Crafts kit I bought. Sometimes a subtle contrast of colour really helps your elements stand out rather than just coordinate!

Lovely digital elements By ACDigitals Dear Lizzy Neapolitan!

Going digital definitely has it's advantages round these parts, by which I mean - no sharing a table with a naughty kitty who tries to steal every scrap of paper left unattended! He is a very naughty cat and there have been times when I have left a LO overnight only to return to it the next day to find it completely "rearranged" "edited" or just plain eaten! Pablo is obsessed with everything that goes on at that table, bless! I have tried lots of ways to amuse/distract him while I'm there which has only gone on to make him worse because I think he associates me being there with Pablo playtime! I even tried a nice comfy cushion so he could cosy down and watch me do my thing there but no - as soon as my back is turned something gets swiped!!! Last year he completely sabotaged a minibook I was making for my sister by eating 2 paper greyhound shapes I'd cut out for it!

Gorgeous but BAD!

- Here he is in his usual stance - sitting on whatever project I'm working on trying to chomp the corners off. He is lovely but v. bad  and would challenge even Jackson Galaxy's cat whispering ways! Just the other day I was trying to do a messy background with gesso and shimmer sprays and he walked right through the wet gesso and left his catty pawprints both on my project and beyond! Honestly!!!
Anyway, I hope you like my digital endeavor and I hope it makes you want to try it too - don't feel too guilty about deserting your real life stash temporarily! I don't, I see it as just another way of getting those pages done quickly and without falling out with my cat!LOL!
Happy Sunday Crafting everyone!