Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Two for the price of one...

Layouts that is! Hello everyone, are you busy making lots of beautiful things? I have not one but two 12x12s to share with you today - I know, I know, I'm spoiling you, but I think you're worth it! It's funny but I've really noticed this year how my crafting seems to tail off during the summer months... I bet I'm not the only one that finds this though - there are so many other things that need done during those long hot sunny days, what with kids being on holiday and the garden growing like a jungle, but I think I just seem to gravitate towards the craft table as the days shorten and the heating goes on. My craft table is cunningly situated beside one of the biggest radiators in the house - (heehee) however I haven't put the central heating on yet as it has been a lovely, mainly mild and sunny September here in beautiful Dundee. My aim every year is to hold off 'til October if possible cos I'm a stingy tightwad!!! Anyway, that's not what we're here for...
    My first LO tonight is of a funny picture I took of a 4 year old Sadie in a park taking a massive huff with me! Goodness knows what was actually wrong with her. She was probably just hacked off with me pointing a camera at her for the hundredth time that day! What a wee face though - such a classic "cream-puff" pose lol!

Just go away with the camera Mum, please!!!!

And I couldn't resist adding this little illustration I found in an old children's dictionary!

Next up is one I just put the finishing touches to at teatime there and it features a photo of the girls getting stuck in to some Cake Pops that I bought from a fundraising cake sale at work! They look amazing but not for me - I know how they are made and they are way too sweet - even for me. The girls enjoyed them though and I'm pretty sure they didn't touch the sides on the way down as they were scoffed in a flash! You can tell by Sadie's horizontal hair that it was a bit windy in the garden that day!!

This pic looks like it has an arty filter on it!!! It doesn't though - think it's just the beautiful low sunshine!
Bunting and pleated paper up close.
Paper flowers and adhesive pearls.
As usual, the supplies are varied and eclectic and I still seem to be using up odd bits of paper trimmings instead of cutting into the many paper pads I have acquired over the years. Even after all these years of scrapbooking I must admit to still being a bit overawed by a blank bit of 12x12 cardstock or paper. I think it's the blank canvas syndrome - no-one likes one of those (or do they?)!
Ok, that's my little catch up for today. Leave a comment if you can - that way I won't feel I'm talking to myself! Thankyou as always for coming for a visit!!!
Stay crafty,
Jak xxx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

From drab to fab in 10 mins!

    Well howdy crafters! Hope you are all being more productive than I of late. Thankyou for coming by to see what I'm up to...
     I have a poorly little 'un at home today so while she's malingering on the sofa – I mean re-cooperating, I quickly put a personal touch to a photo frame that was picked up in good old Dunelm Mill.
    A quick face lift for a basic photo frame...nothing wrong with it in it's original state but as a gift for a new baby (hello Elliot!) it just needed something a bit well, cuter about it! Buttons! – the ideal embellishment for conveying the cute factor!!! Hot glue gun at the ready and those cuties were fixed on and doing their job in a flash. I stamped baby's name on the dangly heart and finished off with a couple of twine bows! Tadaaa!!!
   You know, this frame would look great painted up with some distress or crackle paint – might be worth a tryout next time round. Or maybe Decopatched.
   12x12s to feature in the next post so look in again soon!
Take care,
Jak xxx
Nice but unremarkable!

Ahhh! – that's better!

PS! Bonus cute picture of my cat Rocky having a snooze on his Tower of Power cat scratcher!!! Awww, comfy!!!

I am up high therefore i am more superior than you!!!