Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adora - Belle...

Getting on with these 12x12s... I have so many photos of when the girls were younger that I should sort them out into scrappable/photo album catagories. As mentioned a while back, I'm really rubbish with a digital camera and where the kids are concerned, I couldnt't take a decent photo to save my life. However, I do have lots of expressive pics which, although not technically great, they do make for good scrapbook pages. So here's the next LO entitled ADORA-BELLE. Although my youngest's name is Sadie Grace (a misnomer if ever there was one - especially the Grace bit LOL!), everyone who knows her calls her Belle - it just seems to suit her better. She is always pulling some kind of face and always making us laugh. A real little ray of sunshine, so these bright papers totally suit the subject matter. These papers were from a kit I got last year in TK Maxx - a total bargain as they were reduced in price down to £2. I know a lot of other scrappers managed to get something similar as they were the talk of the forums at the time. Talking of retail therapy - did anyone get anything from QVC's Craft event? Sadly, I didn't as I had recorded it all and the stuff I had a liking for all sold out. Shame, but as is so often the case - You Snooze You Lose! On the bright side though, I saved myself at least £50!!!
Happy Sunday everyone - keep creating!
Love Jak

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

12x12 No.1

Well here we are with layout number one. I've used Anna Griffin lace stamps, elements from an old Colorbok kit I got from QVC, lace and little paper flowers. It was quick to do - hopefully I can keep the momentum going for the next lot. I feel I must get some stash used up as I want to buy some new stuff. I'm gonna have a clear out soon and will donate any papers I have now outgrown to the craft club I go along to. Isn't it funny how your taste in stash changes and some stuff looks so old fashioned even though it might only be two or three years old! Anyhoo, I feel like a wee purchase might be pending and its craft day on QVC so.....
Keep crafting

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hooray - Christmas is over!!!!

Flamin' heck - talk about the gift that keeps on giving! Finally, it's finished and I felt it was all looking ok. But then I had a look on youtube and saw a really OTT but in amazing way Xmas mini and felt completely inadequate. Oh well, a scrapper has to aspire to grow and learn new techniques, to always try something new...
And well to be honest, this took long enough to do. I feel, being a bit thrifty with the old stash makes you more creative and I love to recycle that years pretty cards and parcel ribbons, resulting in an eclectic randomness that really makes each piece unique. I just know I would never be able to make the same piece twice.
Anyhoo, with that all complete, I'm going to clean up and tidy away Christmas till at least September and get on with some 12x12s. It feels like its been ages since I did this size and I feel like I could rattle off a good half dozen quite happily, so now it's out there lets see if I can walk the walk and come up with the layouts. Yow! That's a challenge! (Eeek! What have I done?)
Thanks for popping by
PS - now panicking!

Friday, 10 February 2012


One exploding box! Phew! I loved making this and I think it makes a lovely keepsake to go alongside my mini album which (ahem -) isn't finished yet... I've used American Crafts cardstock for the basic box and decorated it with Brenda Walton Evergreen (doublesided) papers by K&Co. I bought these last year for 2010's mini but as I hadn't used that many or seen anything new I was desperate to have, I've gone with them again. I'm getting my money's worth!!! Which is great cos I've put quite a dent in 'em now - there's not many left and this means I can shop for new stash without guilt! Yay!
The candy canes on the lid are made from pipecleaners - thankyou my girls, and the rosette thingy is a Tim Holtz diecut, distressed with a bit of gold ink. There's quite a few heat embossed bits and pieces stuck here and there too and lots of wording that's been stamped onto cardstock. I used those teeny little Hampton Art alphabet stamps which are always a faff to clean and put away, but always worth the effort. I hope you enjoy having a look. Please let me know if you have made any Xmas projects of your own by leaving a comment with your blog address or link to your gallery as I love having a snoop around other folks creative stuff!
Cheers for now and ta for popping by!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Kate has 50 words for it...

...At this point depending on where you are in the country, you might even have a few of your own (keep it clean please)! Meanwhile, here in Dundee however we have the bluest skies and the brightest sun with not so much as a cloud nevermind a snowflake to be seen. The girls' sledge is stuck in a cupboard gathering dust and I must admit I do feel a bit jealous when I see all the snowy pics in the papers and on the news. Ah well I can always listen to Kate singing about the stuff! I have loved this lady's work since I was 13 and this has to be one of her best albums in a long, long time and that's saying something since she usually takes years putting them together. If you have ever liked her, then you must invest in this and give it a good listen to. Amazing!!!
Anyhoo, my Xmas crafting efforts are nearly done and I will be uploading my box very soon (- does that sound a bit odd or is it just the mood I'm in today?)
Pop back soon to have a wee look round!
Jak xxxx

Some blue sky today, as seen from my window!