Friday, 24 June 2011

Thank god it's come back!!!!

My mojo that is!
I've really been struggling creatively over the last 2 weeks. I can only put it down to a bit of post viral something or other. It's affected me at work too which is not good but, luckily things haven't been too pressured of late (that's maybe not so good!). You know when you can't concentrate, things just don't seem to work out right creatively speaking and I for one find myself going round and round in circles and going nowhere fast. The remedy for me and many others who find themselves a bit stuck is to have a browse around the old t'internet and just don't give yourself a hard time. So, while noseying around I joined a new scrapbooking forum - and wowser - so many really talented scrappers/crafters there I couldn't not be inspired. While I was mooching around the gallery I noticed a lady had put together a LO using the free papers from the latest scrapbook magazine and it looked really colourful and fun. Light bulb moment!!!! I rushed over to my crafting corner and got stuck in. Here's what I came up with. I really love these papers. They are by Nikki Sivils and are kitschy and retro and make you feel happy inside when you play with them. Wonder if I should get some more...
Have fun this weekend!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mini Mini...

Here's what I did with a mere fraction of my George clothes tags... It's really dinky and those that have seen it up close and personal have been really intrigued by it's teeniness!!! I suppose if you didn't have any index photos you could just fill it up with sentiments or expressions for the recipient... hmmm there's a thought! Hope you like it anyway!!!!

So...I am sufferring from scrappers block! Unfortunately for me this carried over into "real life" and my proper job suffered a bit too this week. My creative mojo has all but disappeared and even my time spent with my Crafty Allsorts friends this session was completely fruitless!!! Eeek - don't ya just hate when that happens. Gonna have a wee browse around and see if I can inspire myself into some positive action...
Play today and have fun!
Jak x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mog's minibook...

Well Sadie is pleased now I have her little book finished at last! It's a bit over the top with all the bling but well suited to such a little kitten princess... The kitties are obsessed about being outside all the time now which is great for them but not so good for the birds/mice etc that have been used to sharing the garden with us. At the moment we are nursing a fledgling blackbird which was captured not by our cats but by the Hairy Hendos from next door. These two are pretty good at slaying small creatures but for some reason they like to bring them into our garden for eating. Yuck. So anyway, we rescued this little Blackie from the sharp feline clutches of Buzz and have put it in the shed out of harms way to either get over it's ordeal or die with dignity. I fear it will probably be the latter... nature must run its course. Sad but true although I really do hope it makes it...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Kaspar's Minibook

Finished at last and Millie loves it. Now Sadie is on my case to finish Mog's one. Talking of cats... they have just had the second part of there inoculations tonight at the vet's and are kipping on the dining room chairs all cute and angelic. Makes a change from them running up the curtains...
Cats rock!!!
J :-)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A long, long time ago....

I started collecting these clothes tags from a well known supermarket about the same time as I started scrapbooking, not long after I had my first daughter, Millie. My thoughts at the time being of a scrapbooking magpie nature - "oh I can maybe use those for ... something!". And so, the girls kept growing and growing (really!) and needed more and more new stuff and the collection of tags got bigger and bigger and eventually it dawned on me I should probably stop collecting them as in about 5 years I hadn't actually used a single one of 'em yet. And that was that. They stayed in a collection of things I have accumulated since my creative journey began just waiting for the right time and place to be put to good use. Well it's been a long wait but just this past wednesday I needed to take something to the craft club I've been going to and for some reason they hopped into my bag and "tagged" along with me. I think my fellow crafters thought I'd probably lost the plot, but my tags have inspired me to do a very mini, minibook and once I get an idea for something well, I have to see it through. So here is another work in progress which hopefully due to it's size should be completed at some point this weekend. (In between ironing, hoovering, cooking, shopping and being wondermum! First things first eh!)

Using teeny little index photos to decorate tags... Mad! My eyesite is not what it used to be,phew!

Love ya'll,
Have fun this weekend