Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mini Mini...

Here's what I did with a mere fraction of my George clothes tags... It's really dinky and those that have seen it up close and personal have been really intrigued by it's teeniness!!! I suppose if you didn't have any index photos you could just fill it up with sentiments or expressions for the recipient... hmmm there's a thought! Hope you like it anyway!!!!

So...I am sufferring from scrappers block! Unfortunately for me this carried over into "real life" and my proper job suffered a bit too this week. My creative mojo has all but disappeared and even my time spent with my Crafty Allsorts friends this session was completely fruitless!!! Eeek - don't ya just hate when that happens. Gonna have a wee browse around and see if I can inspire myself into some positive action...
Play today and have fun!
Jak x


  1. Jax this mini is the most precious and cutest thing ive seen I have a few of them tags so I no how small they actually are! just adorable! I hate getting crafters block too just watch a few vids on youtube and browse google thats what i do :-)

  2. oh it's so cute jak, love it, well done...

    maria xx

  3. Love what you did with the labels, this inspired me to do something with a pile of old CD-roms I have. I hope you'll find your mojo soon.