Monday, 27 December 2010

aaaargh...laptop finally copped it.....

Well whadya know. Decrepit old thing went and died on us christmas eve which left us facing a mini disaster - no way of uploading tracks onto Millie's xmas mp3 player (should've been more organised!) and no way of transferring mini movies and pics from digicam to make room on camera for new stuff halfway through xmas morning. This has wound me up more than anything cos now I don't have much for scrapping this year's minibook. Will just have to think of ways of being a bit more inventive with what I do have. Hmmm. Anyhoo, on the brighter side, we went and bought a nice new shiny laptop this avo so all is well in the world again. We feel like we have literally been cut off from the rest of the world over the last 4-ish days. Did we miss anything???? This new laptop is gonna take a bit of getting used to (I'm sure we had our old one at least 7 years) - can't find anything and it's doing stuff I haven't asked it to but i'm sure we'll get along fine once we are better aquainted.

Nice to be back in the land of the living

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Secret Santa quick make...

Hey Steph, hope you've found a nice spot on your Xmas tree to hang Harry in his Xmas Bauble...

"Who is Lord Cheese?"

...asked my cute little 4 year old as she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom the other day.
"Eh? Sorry, who darling?" responds a baffled Mummy.
"Lord Cheese, Mummy!" She explained, mildly annoyed at my lack of enlightenment.
"Erm, where did you you hear about this Lord Cheese then Sadie?" I ask, hoping some kind of context might help me out a bit in placing this intriguing character.
"He's not crying..."
"Oh, well, that's good isn't it. If he was crying then I suppose he might be sad or something." - now totally baffled and to be honest just humouring the adorable little minx.
"But he's asleep on the hay"

(Mummy now hooting with laughter in said bathroom!!!!)

"Oh, the lord Lord Cheese is asleep on the hay? That one? The song from the Nativity Play then?"
"Yes Mummy that's him"
"Sweetheart, it's Lord Jesus!"
"He's the the little guy that Christmas is all about"
"Oh okay..." accepts my newly informed child.
Mummy (who had a Catholic upbringing) cringes inwardly at her lack of spiritual guidance, but some things are too just complicated to explain to a four year old
10 minutes before bedtime. I think she knew she was yanking my chain anyway, the look she had on her face was a bit too composed - smug almost. Wee wind-up merchant!!!
Hope you are well and enjoying your preparations for whatever kind of Christmas you celebrate, wherever you are.
Peace,love and remember to breathe.

Oooops, my halo slipped there!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dear Santa...

The girls have been busy writing their letters to Santa. Millie has filled 2 sides of A4 so far...And to think I used to find myself saying "yeah, she doesn't ask for a lot for Xmas". WRONG!!! This year top of the list is a mobile phone. I ask you - she's only just turned 8!! Don't think Santa will spring for one of those... Next on the list is night vision goggles and a metal detector. LOL! "Might find treasure in the garden" she says. Sadie wants some Sylvanian Families and a PeePee Max (eurghhhh!) which is a toy puppy that can pee everywhere(?). But she also wants everything else that comes on the telly too. Ah, happy days! Amazon delivery better get it's finger out tho' cos snow or no snow, my kids can't have empty stockings Chrimbo morning. I feel a mild panic rising in the pit of my stomach at the thought of this...Pass the Lansoprazole please!
Happy Christmas shopping everyone - hope your not stuck in the snow!!

Do you think you could get any closer?

My poor old Merlin Boy is very much feeling the cold just now. He's 19 and a bag of bones these days but boy, can he move if he hears a fire crackling in the hearth! As you can see he's all but climbing in to get as cosy as he can! Bless!

Icicle, icicle...

As seen at my back door!
Don't know if any one out there knows the song by Tori Amos... can't get it out of my head just now.