Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dear Santa...

The girls have been busy writing their letters to Santa. Millie has filled 2 sides of A4 so far...And to think I used to find myself saying "yeah, she doesn't ask for a lot for Xmas". WRONG!!! This year top of the list is a mobile phone. I ask you - she's only just turned 8!! Don't think Santa will spring for one of those... Next on the list is night vision goggles and a metal detector. LOL! "Might find treasure in the garden" she says. Sadie wants some Sylvanian Families and a PeePee Max (eurghhhh!) which is a toy puppy that can pee everywhere(?). But she also wants everything else that comes on the telly too. Ah, happy days! Amazon delivery better get it's finger out tho' cos snow or no snow, my kids can't have empty stockings Chrimbo morning. I feel a mild panic rising in the pit of my stomach at the thought of this...Pass the Lansoprazole please!
Happy Christmas shopping everyone - hope your not stuck in the snow!!

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