Thursday, 21 July 2011

Embellished to within an inch...

Oooooh I enjoyed that! Might even be tempted to purchase some prima flowers.... Strangely enough it all came together quite quickly - quicker than some less embellished LO's, but then one photo LO's are always gonna be easier to do than multi photo ones. The more photos - the less scope for other elements eg. title, journaling etc. At least that's what I find. Just now I think I'm addicted to colour. Must be my way of compensating for the dreary grey skies we are having of late. I'm not surprised - it is "summer" in the UK after all!!! Hope you having some sunshine in your lives wherever you are!!!!
Love Jak

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lace Stamps...

Ooooh these really are lovely - such a lot of detail to them. I've been stamping and colouring... and faffing about with flowers. Tried making some paper roses but they were a bit on the (ahem) "dimensional" side. I'd get one LO in a scrapbook and even then I'd be lucky to close it properly. Ah well, back to the drawing board!!
Faffing Rocks!!!!
J ;-)

Holiday frustration...

Why does it rain all day, then once the kids have gone to bed - the sun comes out! Not much use to us holidaymakers - meh! Stuff it!! - were off to the park anyhoo!! Have to work off all the biscuits and cakes we've made and scoffed! Yum! My scones turned out deeeeelicious tho I say so myself. Pics to follow later... Have been playing with some new Anna Griffin lace stamps which are really gorgeous. I'm trying to do a really intricate, over embellished, over the top, Anna Griffin stylee LO and it's taking a while to get the right feel for it. The stamps are working well with it though. Could really do with one or two ornate border punches...hmmm!
Keep crafting!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Side view closeup!

Don't know why, but my pics never load up in order! Anyhoo I thought this side view of my mini cover lets you see how dimensional it is with all the yummy layers an tactileness! Die cutting rocks! Yay!
Jak :-)

Heart shaped book - thankyou Big Shot!

Here's my first minibook using the heart Bigz die for the BS. Oh I could crank that handle all day...something quite theraputic about the simplicity of diecutting shapes. I put a bit of corrie cardboard through too and it cuts absolutely perfectly. So I glued some bits together, sliced up a bit of acetate - just for the hell of it (get me!)and dug out my Colorbok kit for embellies etc and this is what happened! Have a nosey round...
Jak xxx

Those ice creams.....mmmmm!

Perfect day... perfect icecream!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer holidays for fun stuff!!!

Well, today is thursday and the sun is shining! We've been busy outside in the sunshine down at the playpark at Castle Green, Broughty Ferry. The kids have been slathered in sunscreen and sprayed with waterjets and are now covered in gravely sand - in fact they are walking emery boards!!!! Gooodness that stuff won't come off!!!
Anyhoo, we have some finished craft projects to show!

Loadsa Blings!!! I "thinned them out a bit" cos you literally couldn't see a single letter or heart shape!!! Bless!!!

Penholder - functional and a thing of beauty!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

busy creating!!

Yesterday was another unsunny day up in Bonnie Scotland so here we are making use of the heart Bigz die that came with my new Big Shot and Sadie is busy at work decorating a banner for her bedroom door. Note how her hand is a blur - she's taking advantage of my preoccupation with taking a photo and crazily helping herself to as many of my blingy diamantes as she could squeeze into her grubby little paws!!! That's my girl! Millie meanwhile is sedately painting a pencil holder she's been making from the Jacqueline Wilson Summer Annual. And a lovely shade of green it's turned out too! Ahhh happy (rainy) days at the craft table! Stay tuned to see them all finished!
Love Jak

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Using dingbats again...

...lots of em too! Love using these little graphics as a substitute for stamping onto patterned paper - advantage being that they can be printed out any size to suit your layout! If you don't have any, get some now! I can recommend for this - that's where I get mine. Cool!
love Jak :-)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hooray it came in time for my holiday...

My brand new Big Shot! A serious new toy to play with. Great deal from Hobby Craft with free delivery so I couldn't really pass it up, what with my birthday just round the corner (kind of). Just need someone to give me some money to pay for it now (this means you Leon!). I'm kinda just getting to find my way round with it but have already incorporated some swirly diecuts into a LO I'm just finishing off. Cool!
This weekend's gone by in a bit of a whirl - Leon's dad came to stay and it was lovely to see the girls all playing and enjoying their GranpaJohn's company - we don't see enough of him because he lives at the other end of the country. There were tears all round when he had to leave for home last night...
Just like last year when I first started blogging, I'm going to try and post an entry a day while I'm on my hols so watch this space!!! The girls are off on their hols too so we might do some crafting together at the big table - yes it's raining as is the way with summer holidays in Bonnie Dundee. Does anyone know of any inspiring internet destinations for kids crafts...
Back tomoz with a new post!
Jak! xxx