Monday, 11 July 2011

Hooray it came in time for my holiday...

My brand new Big Shot! A serious new toy to play with. Great deal from Hobby Craft with free delivery so I couldn't really pass it up, what with my birthday just round the corner (kind of). Just need someone to give me some money to pay for it now (this means you Leon!). I'm kinda just getting to find my way round with it but have already incorporated some swirly diecuts into a LO I'm just finishing off. Cool!
This weekend's gone by in a bit of a whirl - Leon's dad came to stay and it was lovely to see the girls all playing and enjoying their GranpaJohn's company - we don't see enough of him because he lives at the other end of the country. There were tears all round when he had to leave for home last night...
Just like last year when I first started blogging, I'm going to try and post an entry a day while I'm on my hols so watch this space!!! The girls are off on their hols too so we might do some crafting together at the big table - yes it's raining as is the way with summer holidays in Bonnie Dundee. Does anyone know of any inspiring internet destinations for kids crafts...
Back tomoz with a new post!
Jak! xxx


  1. Wow! Hope you have great fun with your new toy Jak, and happy birthday too!
    I have a cuttlebug and love it!! Although, must get it out, as I've not played with it in a while. You will LOVE having a die cutter, it's such fun! Love the pink and black combo too.
    Hope you have fun on your hols.
    As for kids sites, I will have the same problem in a few weeks.
    How about trying some of these...

    Suzie xxx :)

  2. Well done on getting your Big Shot.I have the same one for more then 3 year and I love it and use it on each project, you will have great fun with it and wonder how you ever crafted without it, LOL!

  3. WOW!! It's great having a new toy, have fun! x