Friday, 31 May 2013

Journaling cards

Hello everyone!
Here's a little project I've been working on which was part of a little journaling set I made for my crafty friend Elaine's birthday. I knew she really liked the Project Life goodies so I got her some PL pocket pages and embarked on making some journaling cards to fill them with. This is a sample of some of the boy cards I made. There is also a set of girly ones and another of more general ones too. You know I've been thinking about an etsy shop to sell this kind of digital stuff. What do you think?  I'll post a pic or two of the other ones later.
    Now I have to dash off to the girls school summer fare - just hope the rain stays off as it's not looking too promising...The girls have been looking forward to it all week and sadly it looks as though the weather is going to let us down. Off to the school gym hall it is then!
Love Jak

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Millie's First Day at School...

...I know this should have been done a long time ago and it's a bit back to front in as much as Sadie, my youngest's was actually made before Millie's, who started school back in 2007 but hey, there are no rules in scrapbooking that say everything has to be scrapped in order (are they?). The fact that Millie did not have her own minibook to mark the occasion of her starting school was only brought to my attention one rainy afternoon when the girls were having a look (and a giggle) through all the little minis I've made so far. Millie immediately wondered where hers was and do you know this, I was horrified to realise that that one had definitely passed me by. Although I 'd made a couple of 12x12s to mark the occasion I felt it was only fair that she had one made specially for her. So here it is! I made it kinda matching her sister's as I liked how that one had turned out. Next thing I'll probably be asked is "why did she get that on hers and I didn't" etc. etc. Honestly, if there is anything to even remotely squabble about... Bless 'em - they're getting to that age now when you can't do right for doing wrong! I remember those days from my own childhood when whoever complained the loudest got their way first just to keep the peace.Yes Kaggy, that was you actually (heehee!) Anyhoo, while the Cricut was here I managed to cut out a few bits and pieces and I've put them to good use in this mini. I really like the yellow mum and daughter embellishment I put together for the front. As I've said before - I think I really want one of these now, but I'm gonna check out the Silhouette to see what their artwork is like first.
Hope you like my mini, thankyou for stopping by!
Love Jak

Thursday, 23 May 2013

A new toy on loan....

Much excitement (along with collective squeaking!!!) to be had in the Ruby Loves office last week when this arrived in the post... Yay a Cricut Mini - for an office try-out! Well we obviously couldn't wait to get the box open and give it a whirl! Only drawback is that the company I work for are mega security conscious (naturally) and our firewall wouldn't let us download the Cricut software needed to get it all up and running/cutting. Collective boohoo! Only way round it all is to have a designated Cricut Use Only PC/MAC that we can use with wifi internet access. Now as with all big companies this sort of thing does take a while to sort out so, in a spontaneous but professional random act of kindness moment, I thought it would be nice and team spirited of me to volunteer to bring the little beauty home to see how it all works! Heehee! So, here it is in all it's glory! Once the software was downloaded and installed (with really only minimal faffing involved) it was just a case of having a wee look round to see what was free to use from the Cricut Craft Room. The machine cuts like a dream and the sticky mat was great too - not too sticky but plenty of use in it I would say. So, I've cut out a few bits and pieces in the name of research and it's fair to say it is the simplest of machines to use - worth considering if you're looking to invest in a digital diecutter. The only drawback for me, apart from having to return it to the office, is that you can't cut out your own creations - they all have to be bought and downloaded from the Cricut Craft Room, unless that is you have some Cricut cartridges already 'cos you can use those with it. So yep - I'll give it 4 out of 5!

...diecutting strictly in the name of research of course...
  Unfortunately,  I feel a digital diecutter is an absolute necessity in my life now...
Happy crafting folks - will be back again soon with some creative craftiness!