Friday, 31 May 2013

Journaling cards

Hello everyone!
Here's a little project I've been working on which was part of a little journaling set I made for my crafty friend Elaine's birthday. I knew she really liked the Project Life goodies so I got her some PL pocket pages and embarked on making some journaling cards to fill them with. This is a sample of some of the boy cards I made. There is also a set of girly ones and another of more general ones too. You know I've been thinking about an etsy shop to sell this kind of digital stuff. What do you think?  I'll post a pic or two of the other ones later.
    Now I have to dash off to the girls school summer fare - just hope the rain stays off as it's not looking too promising...The girls have been looking forward to it all week and sadly it looks as though the weather is going to let us down. Off to the school gym hall it is then!
Love Jak


  1. Aw Jak, I have looked at my present so many times and have been in such a quandry as when to start! I can't wait till next January, so am going to start tomorrow, 1st June. Is that week 1 or week 21?! Yikes, why am I so worried that I get it wrong? Do I think the scrap police will arrest me? X

    1. I think you should just get stuck in - cant wait to see it put together!