Monday, 24 October 2011

Millie's Craft Party

All went really well and everyone had lots of fun making stuff and decorating their cakes. It was non stop for 3 solid hours but all the girls went home with 2 makes and decorated cookies and cakes. I think it was definitely worth a week of sleepless nights but I don't think I'll be making a career out of it anytime soon. Phew! Here are some pics of the party in full swing...

Flag making

Cake decorating - Yum!

Name plate making.

Hope you enjoyed a wee look at what we've been making!
Back to some scrapbooking soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Little Decopatch Birdhouse....

Wow! This was such good fun and super quick and easy to do. Thankyou to Little Pinata who came along to Crafty Allsorts last Wed with their Decopatch demo and goodies to buy. This is a super-cute little birdhouse which was decorated/painted in probably an hour or so. So simply done and so effective. I'll defo be buying some more for a play. In fact I enjoyed it so much I enrolled the girls into a Halloween "make 'n' take" class at their shop on Friday. The girls will love it!(So will I!)
Got to scoot, taking the girls to see Lion King in 3D. I haven't seen it myself before but someone did tell me I might need some tissues....
See ya later

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Handsome boy and Gorgeous Girl...

xxxx Kaspar xxxx

xxxx Mog xxxx

Millie's making a looroll mini album of her own featuring these two and I thought I should upload a little visual update of how our moggies are growing up. Sweet but such a worry as they tend to wander a bit if we don't call them back to the garden every half hour or so. Our neighbour lost one of hers just a few months ago on the road at the top of our hill which poor Leon found lying there and brought home to her. So sad :-( Poor Woody - still missed.

These two are cerrrrazy!!! and have no road sense whatsoever, but what can you do. I would feel cruel keeping them couped up all the time and they have such fun out in the garden. Mog has put on quite a bit of weight since her little lady-op and this thankfully has taken the edge off her bloodlust for livestock. Eeeew!

On a different subject, I'm getting stuck in preparing Millie's birthday party and have made some little cupcake flags today - cute. Just waiting now for Hobbycraft to open so I can get some cute papers for making into bunting.
(The xmas cards have been shelved for a bit - yay! Any excuse!)
Keep crafting everyone!
Love Jak

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Make - its!

Been making a couple of craft projects with the girls inbetween making Xmas cards and gift envelopes for my mum. Phew the cards are turning into a bit of a chore! I struggle to get myself in the mood for doing them at this time of year - Xmas seems so far away yet... especially when we've been having such glorius sunshine of late. Might feel a bit more like it when the weather goes back to normal - the newspapers are telling us to expect snow in October!!!!
I'm eagerly awaiting the opening of a new HobbyCraft shop locally - the signage all went up during the week - looks like they're ready to stock the shelves now. I just hope us scrapbookers are well catered for.
My next project is to plan a party for Millie's 9th birthday. It's gonna be a craft party with other activities such as cake decorating and bingo. I really need to get cracking with it though - there'll be lots to organise and set up. Just off now to design some invitations!

Guardian Angel Bracelets - shake your wrist to jingle the bells when you need a help from your Guardian Angel! Sweet! Thankyou for being the perfect model Sadie!

Flower Fairies - made with pipe cleaners and fake flowers. V cute!