Saturday, 1 October 2011

Make - its!

Been making a couple of craft projects with the girls inbetween making Xmas cards and gift envelopes for my mum. Phew the cards are turning into a bit of a chore! I struggle to get myself in the mood for doing them at this time of year - Xmas seems so far away yet... especially when we've been having such glorius sunshine of late. Might feel a bit more like it when the weather goes back to normal - the newspapers are telling us to expect snow in October!!!!
I'm eagerly awaiting the opening of a new HobbyCraft shop locally - the signage all went up during the week - looks like they're ready to stock the shelves now. I just hope us scrapbookers are well catered for.
My next project is to plan a party for Millie's 9th birthday. It's gonna be a craft party with other activities such as cake decorating and bingo. I really need to get cracking with it though - there'll be lots to organise and set up. Just off now to design some invitations!

Guardian Angel Bracelets - shake your wrist to jingle the bells when you need a help from your Guardian Angel! Sweet! Thankyou for being the perfect model Sadie!

Flower Fairies - made with pipe cleaners and fake flowers. V cute!


  1. lovely bracelet and flower fairies, good luck with the party..

    maria xx

  2. Nice projects! What a fab excuse having these girls is for you to indulge in so many crafty things!
    Where's the new Hobbycraft to be opening in Dundee? I might be lost in there for a few hours when I visit Dundee again! :0)

  3. Hi Elaine, How exciting eh a proper craft/art shop at last! It's going in at the Kingsway retail park up where B&M used to be! Opens 12th - girls at granmas that day so I can browse till my hearts content! Yay!