Sunday, 9 October 2011

Handsome boy and Gorgeous Girl...

xxxx Kaspar xxxx

xxxx Mog xxxx

Millie's making a looroll mini album of her own featuring these two and I thought I should upload a little visual update of how our moggies are growing up. Sweet but such a worry as they tend to wander a bit if we don't call them back to the garden every half hour or so. Our neighbour lost one of hers just a few months ago on the road at the top of our hill which poor Leon found lying there and brought home to her. So sad :-( Poor Woody - still missed.

These two are cerrrrazy!!! and have no road sense whatsoever, but what can you do. I would feel cruel keeping them couped up all the time and they have such fun out in the garden. Mog has put on quite a bit of weight since her little lady-op and this thankfully has taken the edge off her bloodlust for livestock. Eeeew!

On a different subject, I'm getting stuck in preparing Millie's birthday party and have made some little cupcake flags today - cute. Just waiting now for Hobbycraft to open so I can get some cute papers for making into bunting.
(The xmas cards have been shelved for a bit - yay! Any excuse!)
Keep crafting everyone!
Love Jak

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  1. Kaspar and Mog are gorgeous cats! I hope they develop some road sense soon. I'm afraid I've opted to keep ours indoors, they have an enclosed outdoor patio area they can use with a bit of grass and they have got used to that being their garden.

    I really feel for Leon discovering your neighbour's cat like that, it's so sad and upsetting. What **** must have known they hit it and didn't stop!? :0(

    Hope Millie will blog her mini book when it's finished :0)