Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stones we decorated...

while we were on another weekend away at Alison's beautiful little seaside cottage! I thought it befitting I decorated one as a bee, seeing as I got stung while we were there! Oooyah! The very nice ones at the far left of the pic were actually done by Alison and it seems to be turning into a tradition for each visitor to leave her a painted stone which I'm sure she appreciates. We had such a lovely time again and The Girls experienced their first bonfire. A memory in the making! We all smelled like Arbroath Smokies by the time we fell into bed haha - I love that smell and I love this time of year when the season is changing. Today is officially the last day of summer, but that doesn't make me too sad. Autumn has a very special smell all of its own, what with the crispy leaves and garden fires and that cold nip in the air! And if you get a lovely sunny day it's all the sweeter. Lets make the most of it by enjoying these days before it gets dark by teatime and we have to dig out the wellies and winter coats!
Have fun!!!
Jak xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

News Flash! Mum finds time for a cuppa!

Because the girls have started back at school today. Hurrah! 1 excited, (SadieBelle - I'm sure the novelty may have worn off by the end of the week!) and the other 1 miserable (Millie - but then she cheered up when she saw all her friends)! By the time I have this post uploaded it'll be time to collect La Belle again as she finishes at 12. Quick where's me cuppa!
Love Jak

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lots of embellishing...

Here's a new one...Goodness, there's a bit of everything on this one. Embossing folders (see wood to right of pic), Anna Griffin lace stamps, Prima stamps, Amy Butler for K and Company stamps, ribbon flower - made myself, twine, Papermania felt border, mini clothes peg... phew someone stop me!
The girls go back to school tomorrow and it's Sadie's first day. I'm gonna be mega busy today getting things all sorted out for tomorrow. As usual I've left things like ironing uniforms and adding name labels till the last minute - so not like me heehee! Can't help it - I'm always telling myself off for not being better organised but then something inside me rebels and says "No, I'm not gonna do that yet!" One half of me wants to be one of those super-organised, everything running like clockwork types, but the other commitment phobic half won't let me be like that.... Ah well! Wouldn't do if we were all the same now would it?
Love Jak

Monday, 8 August 2011

Glitter, glitter everywhere...

No. Really! I tell ya, the sacrifices and hardships us creatives have to endure ... sigh! It's a labour of love. But one that takes a fraction of the time to do now I've got my trusty sizzix (heehee still enjoying all that handle cranking!). This little banner for my eldest daughter's door is the deluxe version of the one Sadie made for herself just a coupla posts back. I managed to make it all myself (an unusual occurrence these days!) though it was Millie's idea for the black iridescent glitter on the letters. Good choice my girl! She so gets it! The rags used to put it together are recycled scraps from one of her old skirts. God I'm turning into such a hoarder of stuff you wouldn't believe! Eeek! Do any of you fellow crafters hoard - I'll bet you do! What's the most unusual thing you've stashed away, convincing yourself that you're really gonna use it for...something! Haha! Well I was right! That tatty old skirt just came in really handy.
Luvin it!
Jak xxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

Well, hello stranger!

Long time no see...
I apologise for completely failing as a blogger but, we've all been a bit caught up with holidays round here. Daytrippin, playing in the sunshine and a little minibreak in a beautiful little cottage in Westhaven, Carnoustie - bliss! I wish I was there again right now and if I win the Lotto this weekend a little holiday home by the sea is on my shopping list. Nothing flash, just rustic, functional, comfortable and right on the beach! Aaaah, happy memories. Must post some of those piccies!
Haven't been able to get near my crafting table for the girls feltpens, playdoh, bits of paper and I'm sure you're getting the jist of things here but yes, general mess. Each time I tidy it and turn away, another bomb goes off on it. So been in a bit of a creative slump (again LOL!). However, I had a lovely time at the craft club I go to on Wednesdays and that helped me out a bit. The peacefulness was v theraputic and so I got to work on a coupla things that I'd been planning and came home feeling a lot better for it. Great!
Schools go back here on the 17th and my wee SadieBelle starts in P1. How that last 5 years has flown by! I'll probably cry as she goes off to her classroom - she's my baby you know! She's looking forward to it but I'm not sure if she knows she has to go for the next 12 or so years. Haha!

Holiday pics to come soon!
Take care everypeeps
Jak xXx