Friday, 5 August 2011

Well, hello stranger!

Long time no see...
I apologise for completely failing as a blogger but, we've all been a bit caught up with holidays round here. Daytrippin, playing in the sunshine and a little minibreak in a beautiful little cottage in Westhaven, Carnoustie - bliss! I wish I was there again right now and if I win the Lotto this weekend a little holiday home by the sea is on my shopping list. Nothing flash, just rustic, functional, comfortable and right on the beach! Aaaah, happy memories. Must post some of those piccies!
Haven't been able to get near my crafting table for the girls feltpens, playdoh, bits of paper and I'm sure you're getting the jist of things here but yes, general mess. Each time I tidy it and turn away, another bomb goes off on it. So been in a bit of a creative slump (again LOL!). However, I had a lovely time at the craft club I go to on Wednesdays and that helped me out a bit. The peacefulness was v theraputic and so I got to work on a coupla things that I'd been planning and came home feeling a lot better for it. Great!
Schools go back here on the 17th and my wee SadieBelle starts in P1. How that last 5 years has flown by! I'll probably cry as she goes off to her classroom - she's my baby you know! She's looking forward to it but I'm not sure if she knows she has to go for the next 12 or so years. Haha!

Holiday pics to come soon!
Take care everypeeps
Jak xXx


  1. lovely LO jak and yes where do the years go to, I hope she enjoys school, as it will make things a little easier for you, take care...

    maria xx

  2. Hi Jak, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment :) Love your page, really love all the paint effects!