Monday, 8 August 2011

Glitter, glitter everywhere...

No. Really! I tell ya, the sacrifices and hardships us creatives have to endure ... sigh! It's a labour of love. But one that takes a fraction of the time to do now I've got my trusty sizzix (heehee still enjoying all that handle cranking!). This little banner for my eldest daughter's door is the deluxe version of the one Sadie made for herself just a coupla posts back. I managed to make it all myself (an unusual occurrence these days!) though it was Millie's idea for the black iridescent glitter on the letters. Good choice my girl! She so gets it! The rags used to put it together are recycled scraps from one of her old skirts. God I'm turning into such a hoarder of stuff you wouldn't believe! Eeek! Do any of you fellow crafters hoard - I'll bet you do! What's the most unusual thing you've stashed away, convincing yourself that you're really gonna use it for...something! Haha! Well I was right! That tatty old skirt just came in really handy.
Luvin it!
Jak xxx

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