Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy kitty!

He's back with a bang is our Kaspar!!! You would honestly never believe that he's had such a big op - animals are so resilient. He must be feeling at least a wee bit sore but he's not letting it slow him down or put him off a wrestle with his sister. Luckily, all his stitches are internal so there's nothing to nibble and tug at and no lampshade round the neck comedy/tragedy to further wound the feline ego...
We had a quick check up at the vet tonight and she is very happy with his progress. He's gaining weight (I should say!!! You'd think he'd not seen food in a week!!) and all bright eyed and bushy tailed again. In other words - Back To Normal. Yay!! So glad he's better!!!
Been doing a little baby brag book style of thing using some realy young baby photos of the girls. Sweet! Aye those were the days when I could, sometimes, still hear myself think/get a word in edgeways! Aww, girls - we do like to talk!!!
Pics to follow soon!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sad kitty....

Poor little KasparBoy has been unwell since Wedensday. Turns out he has had a blockage in his intestine which had to be operated on this morning! (scary stuff!) He's since been "unblocked" and is recovering at the vets tonight. Poor wee man, such a worry for everyone here - Millie's asked if she can visit him tomorrow and all being well, if he starts eating tomorrow morning, then he might get to come home anyway. All fingers crossed!!! Such a worry with him being so little and though they've only been with us a few weeks, they've totally taken over all our lives and are a part of the clan - man! Wee dude!!! I have had a big knot in my stomach since he went in this morning which probably won't go till we get him home...

Friday, 8 April 2011

Happy Birthday Angie!

Birthday greetings to my good (old! LOL!) friend Angie!!!! Here's a peek at your birthday pressie till we see you on Sunday! The cakes are on us!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Yippee, the schools are off for the easter hols, so I've got a week off to be with the girls! Today we lunched at Morrisons cafe (we are so classy!!) - kids eat for free during the hols. Might have to take full advantage of the offer - saves on the washing up, and well, it's my holiday too!!
Managed to get on with a little gift for a friend's birthday... yep it's another mini and it's going well. Another evening's work and it should be done. It's looking like this so far....