Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Yippee, the schools are off for the easter hols, so I've got a week off to be with the girls! Today we lunched at Morrisons cafe (we are so classy!!) - kids eat for free during the hols. Might have to take full advantage of the offer - saves on the washing up, and well, it's my holiday too!!
Managed to get on with a little gift for a friend's birthday... yep it's another mini and it's going well. Another evening's work and it should be done. It's looking like this so far....

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  1. Hope you enjoy the holidays with the girls Jak, my two break up next week. It's so lovley to have a break from the school routine. Your album in looking lovely, and if it's anything like the last, it will ofcourse be stunning too! Suzie xxx :)