Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy kitty!

He's back with a bang is our Kaspar!!! You would honestly never believe that he's had such a big op - animals are so resilient. He must be feeling at least a wee bit sore but he's not letting it slow him down or put him off a wrestle with his sister. Luckily, all his stitches are internal so there's nothing to nibble and tug at and no lampshade round the neck comedy/tragedy to further wound the feline ego...
We had a quick check up at the vet tonight and she is very happy with his progress. He's gaining weight (I should say!!! You'd think he'd not seen food in a week!!) and all bright eyed and bushy tailed again. In other words - Back To Normal. Yay!! So glad he's better!!!
Been doing a little baby brag book style of thing using some realy young baby photos of the girls. Sweet! Aye those were the days when I could, sometimes, still hear myself think/get a word in edgeways! Aww, girls - we do like to talk!!!
Pics to follow soon!


  1. awww so glad he's getting better there is nothing worse than a poorly pet aprat from poorly kids that is but at least they can tell you they feel icky he is such a gorjuss colour too soooooo cute it is funny when you see them with the cone on though when jasper was a pup he had an op and had to wear one with in 2/3 days we had to get another as he kept running into walls and smashed it lolcan't wait to see pics of what you have been doing check back soon
    Jacki xx

  2. pleased to hear all is well with your kitty jak...

    look forward to seeing your baby brag books, yes the kids do grow up fast, my baby was 20 last month, lol...

    maria xx

  3. Hi Jak! Sorry for my delay in my comments, just trying to catch up now, lol! Just had a quick peek back, and your latest mini is simply beautiful, I have just bought some of that material myself in the hope to cover and make a mini album like that too, hope it turns out as lovely as yours :)
    So sorry to read about your little kitty, they are soooo pretty! But delighted to hear he's making a good recovery, poor little thing.
    Looking forward to seeing your baby brag book/s.
    I have so many half finished projects with pics of my boys when they were tiny, one day I'll get them finished, lol!
    Suzie xxxx :)