Monday, 27 December 2010

aaaargh...laptop finally copped it.....

Well whadya know. Decrepit old thing went and died on us christmas eve which left us facing a mini disaster - no way of uploading tracks onto Millie's xmas mp3 player (should've been more organised!) and no way of transferring mini movies and pics from digicam to make room on camera for new stuff halfway through xmas morning. This has wound me up more than anything cos now I don't have much for scrapping this year's minibook. Will just have to think of ways of being a bit more inventive with what I do have. Hmmm. Anyhoo, on the brighter side, we went and bought a nice new shiny laptop this avo so all is well in the world again. We feel like we have literally been cut off from the rest of the world over the last 4-ish days. Did we miss anything???? This new laptop is gonna take a bit of getting used to (I'm sure we had our old one at least 7 years) - can't find anything and it's doing stuff I haven't asked it to but i'm sure we'll get along fine once we are better aquainted.

Nice to be back in the land of the living

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