Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The unloved and forgotten....

Poor ickle bloggy! I've been thinking of you frequently this week but have not had time to wrestle with the unfamiliar software on my new laptop for editing photos etc. However, this should be remedied soon (welcome back photoshop!) once we're all back to normal with work/school/nursery we will take up where we left off. It's funny but I always seem to delude myself about how I will get lots of crafting done while I'm off work but this never seems to happen, especially at Christmas/New Year as there's so much visiting and visitors/other stuff happening and The Girls want to play with their new toys/games too. So, I have made a list of projects I want to start the year off with (I made myself a little book with the binditall Santa brought me - turns out I'd been a good girl after all!) and I'm going to try to refer back to it to keep me on track - if I remember! LOL! First on my list is a memory book of our friends Mike and Sam's wedding. I want it to be quite ornate in a kind of Marion Smith kind of style, but I need to reign in the creativity a bit cos it's about the day/photos not the multitude of embellishments I could throw at it... sometimes I can't stop myself though, heehee.

Hopefully I'll crack on with it....
Happy New Year to you all!
J xxx

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