Saturday, 29 January 2011

Today my desk looks like this....

...heaving with xmassy randomness that will hopefully, by the end of next week, be transformed into a minibook full of christmas memories from 2010. Hmmm! I better get cracking before it's 2011's turn!! In my defence I have had diabolical toothache all this week which has slowly eased off (hurrah for antibiotics) but my brain has not been very focused due to all the painkillers I've had to keep munching. So yep, defo not been in the right frame of mind for being creative. I'll post a better look at it once its complete. Sam's coming round to take a look at her mini wedding book this week too, so that will be finished properly with all the wording/journaling added. I love that feeling of completion when you can say to yourself "You know what - that'll do nicely. Time to move on!" Just wish I could stop myself from turning everything into a saga, heehee. But we all have our own way of getting things done and I'll bet I'm not the only one who tends to faff about with stuff. it's all part of the creative process.
Hope you can check in later to see how it turns out....
Have fun

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