Sunday, 16 January 2011

First 12x12 of the year...

I needed a wee break from my list of to do's so I took some time out for a quick colourful 12x12 project. Will do one of Sadie too just to balance things up - my kids competitive, don't think so.
Just spent an afternoon talking craft and showing off my bind-it-all to my friend Elaine who's only recently started on her scrapbooking journey but has totally got the bug already and has quickly managed to acquire a stash and tools to be proud of - go Elaine!!! She showed me some pictures of a little book she made for a friend and I was really impressed by her grasp of colour and improvising with what she's got to make little embellishments etc. - she says she's not creative - bah! If you're reading this Elaine thanks again for the little pressie of inks and vellums you so kindly gave me. Hooray for crafting buddies - yay! Oh and Sadie had fun playing with Maddie too!
Happy crafting peeps!
Jak xxx

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