Tuesday, 11 January 2011

First Binditall project...

I'm I gonna have fun with this! Here is a quick project I put together during my first aquaintance with my new toy. It's a little projects book I'm using to list the things I want to make. I think the most time consuming aspect was cutting up all the paper to make the inside pages. What a gadget! Now I know folks have raved on about these for years but, I'm only just getting round to getting one now - thankyou Santa aka Leon - I love it I do I do I do! Can't wait to try putting together a bogroll mini! That will be way down on my list of things to do though cos I have a few projects that have priority first. Sam and Mikes wedding mini is just about done as are next years recycled xmas tags (OMG there's loads of the bloomin' things). Unfortunately, the to do list keeps getting longer and longer but I've come up with the idea of giving myself "sort of deadlines" and I am going to be strict with myself - if it works for me at work, it will work at home too. So there, that's me told! I should really give myself a wage rise for showing some initiative!! Talking of deadlines, this quick update has taken up enough time already, so gotta fly!!! Come back again soon!
Jak xxx

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