Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Printer from hell...

Rant, rave, etc... I bought a new printer just back in November and have had to put 3 lots of ink in it already which as far as I'm concerned is just not good enough ok? Now you may think, "Well, you must have printed a lot of stuff then to get through so much ink!" but no - 3 A4 sheets of little pics per ink set does not seem like an enormous amount of printing to me but here's the thing - the print monitor goes from "hunky dory all ink cartridges are full" to "hey we can't possibly work anymore because we are as dry as the Sahara Desert and there's not a spot of ink left in us so just don't even try to print!!!!!" And the other thing that's winding me up about the ink thing is that if you just want a b&w print, you won't get one if any of the other cartridges are empty. I declare the Epson Stylus S21 the worst printer in the Universe - ever!
If only I could find my reciept for it I would take it back but without it, Tesco say "NO WAY! - that's just too bad" and it doesnt even matter that it doesn't work properly, get this "You (yep, that's me) should really have looked after your reciept and been careful with it and put it somwhere safe". Like, have I turned back into 8 year old? That kind of thing really winds me up and I have to try very hard not to raise my voice (madame!) in these situations.
I have one thing left to say on the matter - thank god for compatible inks!
Compare this -
Tesco 3 (CMY- 1 of each) Epson cartidges £20,
Local computer shop 2 of each CMYK £10!!!!
And they work fine!!! I know where I'll be doing my shopping from now on. Anywhere but Tesco!!!

Phew, do i sound a bit stressed? Normal transmission will resume shortly after a lie down in a dark room and soothing cuppy tea!

Now I can get on with printing my photos and completing my project! Yay, I'm happy again!!

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