Monday, 21 February 2011

A rotten weekend...

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you - that is my kitchen ceiling or rather was my kitchen ceiling. It is now looking a lot better but both Leon and me have literally cleaned all weekend - the whole house!!! Unfortunately for us, old houses have a layer of ash between floors which is there to dampen noise and help insulate which is all fine and well while it's where it's meant to be, but as soon as you break through the lath and plaster, it comes flying out and covers everything in the whole house - pets included. It had to be done though as we had a leak coming from the bathroom sink which caused the ceiling to crack and it was in danger of falling down on us all and we really wouldn't want that to happen. So now it is fixed and has given us the kick up the backside we need to make us get round to some decorating. Maybe.
Hope your weekend was dust free!
Love Jak


  1. yikes jak, that doesn't look good...

    hope you sort it soon..

    (maria bubbles from DC)...xx

  2. Thanks Maria, Its looking much better now, thankfully. Not finished but dustfree and with a ceiling!!!