Wednesday, 9 February 2011

All the girls here...

...are suffering from some hellish virus that has seen us get through 2 bottles of calpol, plus supplementary calprofen in some vain effort to quell nasty soaring temperatures and make sore heads and throats a bit more bearable. However I think we're over the worst now, if the bickering and arguing over what to watch on telly is anything is to go by.
"Mum!!!!I'm not well..."
"Mum!!! I'm worse than her!!!!"
"Mum, I need a hug!!!"
"She won't let me watch the telly!"
"Mum it's my turn for the telly, she's been watching her stuff all day!!!"
"Whats for tea?"
"I'm hungry!!!"
Poor mummy doesn't feel too great either, but nothing a glass of wine with tea won't sort out. Strictly medicinal of course!!!
Ah kids, bless em, they could drive you to drink. (Maybe)

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