Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mog's minibook...

Well Sadie is pleased now I have her little book finished at last! It's a bit over the top with all the bling but well suited to such a little kitten princess... The kitties are obsessed about being outside all the time now which is great for them but not so good for the birds/mice etc that have been used to sharing the garden with us. At the moment we are nursing a fledgling blackbird which was captured not by our cats but by the Hairy Hendos from next door. These two are pretty good at slaying small creatures but for some reason they like to bring them into our garden for eating. Yuck. So anyway, we rescued this little Blackie from the sharp feline clutches of Buzz and have put it in the shed out of harms way to either get over it's ordeal or die with dignity. I fear it will probably be the latter... nature must run its course. Sad but true although I really do hope it makes it...


  1. Adorable! love the pink and black!

  2. love the book, love the colours, well done jak...

    maria xx

  3. Yes, I too loved the colour combination and the pretty bits and bobs attached, very girlie and tactile and bet it sounds good as well! :0)