Saturday, 4 June 2011

A long, long time ago....

I started collecting these clothes tags from a well known supermarket about the same time as I started scrapbooking, not long after I had my first daughter, Millie. My thoughts at the time being of a scrapbooking magpie nature - "oh I can maybe use those for ... something!". And so, the girls kept growing and growing (really!) and needed more and more new stuff and the collection of tags got bigger and bigger and eventually it dawned on me I should probably stop collecting them as in about 5 years I hadn't actually used a single one of 'em yet. And that was that. They stayed in a collection of things I have accumulated since my creative journey began just waiting for the right time and place to be put to good use. Well it's been a long wait but just this past wednesday I needed to take something to the craft club I've been going to and for some reason they hopped into my bag and "tagged" along with me. I think my fellow crafters thought I'd probably lost the plot, but my tags have inspired me to do a very mini, minibook and once I get an idea for something well, I have to see it through. So here is another work in progress which hopefully due to it's size should be completed at some point this weekend. (In between ironing, hoovering, cooking, shopping and being wondermum! First things first eh!)

Using teeny little index photos to decorate tags... Mad! My eyesite is not what it used to be,phew!

Love ya'll,
Have fun this weekend


  1. OMG This is a fab idea!! I soo keep them tags too but never thought about a mini from them. Defo very original idea fab work!!

  2. What a great idea Jak and I love what you have done even if it did take a few years to come about lol
    Jacki xx

  3. WOW BRILL idea, I love it and your book is so cute...

    well done on using them, as they say, better late than never, lol...

    maria xx