Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bright and Cheery colours...

I started doing this at the last craft club session I went to, but I originally had intended to use a different set of 3 photos. Well I tried and tried to make it work but the background paper really fought with the pics and I just thought, no, this isn't right, so, I brought it home and changed to this one photo. With a black mat to bring things together it helps make sense of all the colours that are hopping up and down! So it transformed into this! I love all the crazy colours, from time to time it's really uplifting to get stuck in and let loose! Like a little bit of therapy for the creative soul! Yipee colourtastic!!!
Get some colour in yours now,
Jak :-0


  1. WOW, yes a very colourful LO jak, love it, but like you could not see it with 3 photos..

    maria xx

  2. hi Maria!
    I'm really gonna have to think about what I'm taking with me to these crops... I just throw a load of stuff into my bag and hope for the best. I find it hard to plan... cos I never really know how somethings gonna turn out when I first start. So often I change my mind as I go and that's ok if you're surrounded by your stash but not so handy if you've only brought a limited supply. Heyho! It's all a creative challenge. LOL!