Friday, 13 May 2011

I've not been idle....

Nope I haven't! We've been decorating the kitchen and having family get togethers and living life in general. Oh and worth a mention - I've joined a new local crafting club called Crafty Allsorts (named so because between us all we are covering all craft bases including crochet and sitchy thready stuff, as well as anything papercrafty!). We've had 2 meetings so far and there's a real broad range of experienced ladies attending which is lovely and interesting and inspiring to be around other creative peeps. Yay! Only drawback is I just never know what to take with me... ideally everything but the kitchen sink, but my bag won't hold all that!
So, anyhoo, I have to take some photos of the latest things I'm working on. There's a mini baby book that's as good as finished (that was lovely to revisit the girls baby photos - they grow up so quickly!) 2 bogroll books about our new kitties (did that sound a bit course - I should call them loo rolls maybe) and - hurrah - a 12x12 LO. I'm thrilled to get my hands on some 12x12 kraft cardstock from Papermania which is right up my street, so pics will follow! I have also indulged myself a new smart phone - I was due an upgrade and was gently coerced by friends, collegues and Leon to take up the offer of an htc wildfire and so to be truthfully honest, I've been wasting time, in a fun way, with that too. Cool! So there you have it, I haven't fallen off the planet or anything, guess it's just been an impromptu wee break away from blogging. Spontaneity - its the name of the game folks!!!!
Live it and love it!!!
PS - cats are going crazy. It's about time they got to explore the great outdoors I think!

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