Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adora - Belle...

Getting on with these 12x12s... I have so many photos of when the girls were younger that I should sort them out into scrappable/photo album catagories. As mentioned a while back, I'm really rubbish with a digital camera and where the kids are concerned, I couldnt't take a decent photo to save my life. However, I do have lots of expressive pics which, although not technically great, they do make for good scrapbook pages. So here's the next LO entitled ADORA-BELLE. Although my youngest's name is Sadie Grace (a misnomer if ever there was one - especially the Grace bit LOL!), everyone who knows her calls her Belle - it just seems to suit her better. She is always pulling some kind of face and always making us laugh. A real little ray of sunshine, so these bright papers totally suit the subject matter. These papers were from a kit I got last year in TK Maxx - a total bargain as they were reduced in price down to £2. I know a lot of other scrappers managed to get something similar as they were the talk of the forums at the time. Talking of retail therapy - did anyone get anything from QVC's Craft event? Sadly, I didn't as I had recorded it all and the stuff I had a liking for all sold out. Shame, but as is so often the case - You Snooze You Lose! On the bright side though, I saved myself at least £50!!!
Happy Sunday everyone - keep creating!
Love Jak

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