Thursday, 1 March 2012

Oh joy!...

...says every mother throughout the land when their kids go back to school after those long, long, summer holidays. As is the tradition - photos must be taken before they set off in the morning just to have that photographic evidence to prove they do in fact start the day all spic 'n' span and squeaky clean - till they get to the top of the road at least!
This is my Millie heading back to school for P2, I think, which may not be entirely factually accurate, but hey, who's gonna split hairs. The papers are from a WRMK set again, on sale last year in TK's for 2 quid. I've also used a bit of old dictionary paper and some pink hessian which has been cut with my sizzix heart die. Ooh I'm really breaking out the old stash now - the cat brad is from Smirk (not sure if they're still on the go) which I think is probably the first out of the pack which I bought probably at least 3 years ago. All text from my computer - if you like the typefaces I used they are called Chickenhawk and Albertsthal Typewriter, which you can download for free from Love, love, love, free typefaces! As for me, I'm quietly chuffed (or is that smug haha!) that I've kept to my word so far and got 3 LO's done and uploaded, quite quickly too. Best not get too carried away with myself though as I did say I would do a half dozen.
Well done to my friend Elaine who finished her Xmas mini last night at the craft club we go to. It's looking lovely E! Another heirloom in the making!
Love to you all

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  1. I love this LO, what is that you have used to the right of the heart, it looks like sweets?! Very fitting! Not done much since basking in the glory of finishing the xmas mini at last. I have been trying to clear out my work space as even I have become quite alarmed at how stash seems to spread, inch by inch until there is no carpet or desk surface to be seen! Keep up the momentum Jak! x