Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sweet Birthday Girl...

Oh, memories... Sadie's 2nd birthday and auntie Kaggy is helping her open some presents. God, how time flies when you're bringing up a family. Sadie is going to be 6 next month and we've just been invited to her second Parents Evening at school in a week or so. I will be interested to hear if her teacher still thinks she's the wee angel that started with her back in August who she never hears a peep from in class(!). . Tell ya, no-one was more surprised than I when her teacher told us she was such a quiet little thing. I can only think she must save it up for at home where her little munchkin voice rings in my ears 'til bedtime. Haha - the only time she's quiet is when she is up to no good, usually in the bathroom, with tubs of cream and water - or anything that leaves a mess come to that. Thankfully we don't get so much of that these days, since she realised she can work the PC and i-pad. But that is another story that needs only two words to describe - one of which is i-pad and the other is WARS which consists of us having to limit their times and make sure they share in a rota kinda style! Can't wait 'til the weather warms up a bit and I can force them out into the fresh air to play in the garden!
Oh happy days!
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