Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Layout with Instagram pic...

Hello everyone,
Heres a 12x12 of our little cat Mog. She's very photogenic and knows how to play to the camera! This photo was taken on Leon's iphone and put through the Instagram app which made it all lovely and contrasty and old skool! The actual LO itself was inspired by one I'd seen in the latest version of Scrap365. The feature in it demos how to make a woodgrain effect background on cardstock which I fancied having a go at. It was really easy to do and I think its not bad for a first attempt! I would encourage you all to have a go too - all you do is drag the edges of your ink pads at varying angles down the cardstock then distress the edges. Simples!
Thanks for having a look,

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  1. lovely LO jak, your cake sound look photogenic, lol...

    have something on my blog for you...

    maria xx