Sunday, 8 April 2012


Its something I don't do an awful lot of, but I have taken a notion to put together a box of cards - hopefully 50 or so - to sell with donation/percentage to charity. I'm trying to reign myself in and not spend too much time doing them cos then they end up costing too much and therein lies a dilemma. If I wouldn't buy one from myself, then (to me) that means they're not good enough. But then on the other hand, if they're too "artsy" then that puts other folk off who don't appreciate that kind of thing. Now I know that you cant please everyone but there's no point in making 'em if I can't sell 'em! Hmmm! Your comments/opinions on this one would be welcomed. If you make cards which do you find sell the best? Birthdays? General/blank? Should I do a mixture of baby, moving home, good luck sentiments? Anyhoo I've only made 20 so far so I'm not even half way there yet! Got a total bargain from ebay the other day - 3 sheets of Anna Griffin sentiments for under £4 with p&p all in! Result! I do love an ebay bargain - not that they're easily come by these days! Gotta go - there's cards to be made!
Happy Easter - step away from the chocolate now!!!!

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