Monday, 30 April 2012

Busy making cards...

... well, trying to. You know it doesn't come easy to me, cardmaking. Why this should be I don't know. Perhaps it's the small format or the fact that to sell them at a good price you can't spend too much time on them. Whatever it is I do find it very challenging and I have to say it's kind of got under my skin a bit and I will not be satisfied till I've got a production/sellability formula worked out. Meanwhile I have been trying out a couple of QVC TSVs. One, a My Craft Studio CD-rom product - I really liked 50% of the backgrounds and digital stamps but not enough to want to hold on to the whole package which was a shame 'cos it came with some really lovely glittered papers too. It went back to QVC! The next TSV was an Anna Griffin box full of vintage botanical goodies and it's a keeper!!! Wowzer! - just beautiful! I have only one complaint about this and its that the C6 cards have larger than C6 envelopes (to accomodate the layerage and dimensionality bestowed upon the cards I'm presuming) so this means C6 baggies don't fit them. Hmmmph! But that aside it is a lovely collection of goodies. There's even acrylic stamps for inside your handmade cards. Gorgeous!
My next project here is to have a good old tidy out. I'm having a joiner put in some heavy duty shelves in my utility room so I can store away bit's and bobs like xmas decs, stuff to recycle/put to the charity shop (and other various bits of junk that anyone else would generally throw out). I live in an old house and much as I love the proportions of the rooms and high ceilings etc, builders didn't "do" storage back in the 1900s which means although I do try to keep stray things to a minimum, my utility room often ends up like Steptoe's yard. An other alternative of course would be to get the attic floored but I think I would end up hoarding everything if I did that!
Anyways... better go and get on with it eh! Soz there's no piccies this time, will take some photos of the beautiful Anna Griffin kit soon as I make some cards with it!
Happy crafting everyone,
love Jak

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  1. hope the shelves go up OK and you manage to have a good sort out...

    my attic is floored, in fact it was converted into a bedroom, which is now my craft room when our daughter moved out...

    and it's still a mess... will try and post a couple of photos on blog next week... am in the process of having a tidy and clear out too...

    good luck with your jak

    maria xx