Thursday, 15 March 2012

retro photos...

Crafting on hold this week - been watching the Masterchef finals!!!!
I've been having a trawl through some photos my other half has taken on his iphone. There are some beautiful pics from our hols and lots of kids and cats. Can I just say - with the Instamatic app you just can't take a dodgy photo. I just love the old retro polaroid feel they have. When I look at them they remind me of MY childhood. I guess everyone has those old snapshots, kept in dusty old shoeboxes at the bottom of the wardrobe that whirl you back in time to those never-ending summer holidays when the sun always shone and you were out to play all day, only returning home when you were hungry. Ahh - those were the days. Sweet!

I'm gonna put together a couple of LO's with these pics, hopefully, so pop in again soon and thanks for stopping by.
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