Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hooray - Christmas is over!!!!

Flamin' heck - talk about the gift that keeps on giving! Finally, it's finished and I felt it was all looking ok. But then I had a look on youtube and saw a really OTT but in amazing way Xmas mini and felt completely inadequate. Oh well, a scrapper has to aspire to grow and learn new techniques, to always try something new...
And well to be honest, this took long enough to do. I feel, being a bit thrifty with the old stash makes you more creative and I love to recycle that years pretty cards and parcel ribbons, resulting in an eclectic randomness that really makes each piece unique. I just know I would never be able to make the same piece twice.
Anyhoo, with that all complete, I'm going to clean up and tidy away Christmas till at least September and get on with some 12x12s. It feels like its been ages since I did this size and I feel like I could rattle off a good half dozen quite happily, so now it's out there lets see if I can walk the walk and come up with the layouts. Yow! That's a challenge! (Eeek! What have I done?)
Thanks for popping by
PS - now panicking!

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