Thursday, 18 September 2014

From drab to fab in 10 mins!

    Well howdy crafters! Hope you are all being more productive than I of late. Thankyou for coming by to see what I'm up to...
     I have a poorly little 'un at home today so while she's malingering on the sofa – I mean re-cooperating, I quickly put a personal touch to a photo frame that was picked up in good old Dunelm Mill.
    A quick face lift for a basic photo frame...nothing wrong with it in it's original state but as a gift for a new baby (hello Elliot!) it just needed something a bit well, cuter about it! Buttons! – the ideal embellishment for conveying the cute factor!!! Hot glue gun at the ready and those cuties were fixed on and doing their job in a flash. I stamped baby's name on the dangly heart and finished off with a couple of twine bows! Tadaaa!!!
   You know, this frame would look great painted up with some distress or crackle paint – might be worth a tryout next time round. Or maybe Decopatched.
   12x12s to feature in the next post so look in again soon!
Take care,
Jak xxx
Nice but unremarkable!

Ahhh! – that's better!

PS! Bonus cute picture of my cat Rocky having a snooze on his Tower of Power cat scratcher!!! Awww, comfy!!!

I am up high therefore i am more superior than you!!!

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