Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday morning catch-up!

Hi all,
It's been a busy week as usual here. Millie is rehearsing for the school musical and doing a lot of induction stuff up at the high school she is going to after the summer hols! Sadie is doing various after school activities which means a bit of to-ing and fro-ing also. I had a lovely little catch-up this week with my cousin from Hull who came to stay with my mum for a few days - Hi Joan! So busy blethering we forgot to take any photos tho - tut! Was lovely to remember all those family connections and fun times at gran and grandad's!
    Talking of photos tho, I recently changed my phone and downloaded all my old photos from it onto the computer. Mostly they're not that good (nothing new there then!) but they do seem to be fine for digital scrapping which is handy as I seem to be on a roll with that just now!
    I recently managed to download some free kraft papers and corrie card bits and pieces which will come in handy. I think I like my digital LOs to look realistic just like they are done by hand the traditional way. I'm gonna print them out 8x8 size and put them in an album I have so they don't get forgotten about on my Mac.
    Here's my latest....

Yum !
Happy Sunday all - hope you manage to fit in a bit of crafting today!


  1. Love all your digital pages.

  2. Me too! They look 'real' if you know what I mean! Almost feel that I could pick off the washi tape!