Saturday, 22 March 2014

Real paper things...

...I made these recently - one's a loo roll mini and the other a card for a colleague who is leaving to work abroad.

Still love making these for folks - always warmly received!
Have a safe trip Lucy!

    This mini was decorated mainly with some leftover sheets from an old K and Company pad called Wild Saffron. I loved that pad and it's almost all used up now. I really liked the colours in it - bright but earthy at the same time - gorgeous! Wonder if it's still available?
     The card was made using a MAMBI prefolded card stack pack I got at TK Maxx - a snip for £3.99 and a good buy as it makes 24 cards (eventually!) all lovely monochromatic designs like this one. The fox, flower and background wording stamps were from a set that came with Get Stamping magazine. That was another really good buy as I use these stamps a lot. Don't know if any of you got these too but I love the funky designs that came in this set. There's even a cute moustache!!!
     Well, it's a lovely sunny day this Saturday morning and I must spend a bit of time in the garden - it badly needs a bit of TLC so that's my mission for the weekend. We had a very mild winter this year so the weeds didn't actually stop growing and the garden has suffered.  It's always a job worth doing tho' as it looks so nice when it's all neat and tidy...

Have fun however you creatively spend it!

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  1. Lovely book and card Jak, can understand people enjoy receiving your work and what a bargain at TK Maxx xx