Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Twilight Sparkle necklace

Hi there! Apologies for not being very creative of late although strictly speaking my creative talents have been employed doing other stuff - namely shelving and storage round the house! Not very exciting I know but nevertheless a necessity and whatsmore a metaphorical fire has been lit under my backside to de-clutter and get shot of a whole pile of nonsense! Phew - it's a job that's been looming on the horizon for months now and now that I've finally got round to doing it I feel loads (literally) lighter! Shock horror - I even threw out a pile of stuff I'd squirreled away to re-purpose at a later date. Let's face it, that later date was getting later and later... So, now that I have rid myself of such junk it's time to refocus and do something a bit more imaginative! Since her birthday, Sadie's obsession with My Little Pony has hit fever pitch and when she's not playing with Ponies or talking to anyone that might listen about Ponies she is trawling Etsy for custom Pony delights and/or Equestria related goodies! And so I got to thinking that perhaps I could rustle up a Pony necklace inspired by some of the beautiful kitschy cuteness that abounds there! One Twilight Sparkle figurine and a recycled necklace later I presented her with the amazing (her words) creation you can see here! Guess what - it was a big hit! If I can get my hands on any more of these MLP blind bags I might be tempted to make her some more and myself a little bag charm. I think her obsession/brainwashing is taking me over too. Help me!
Millie is modelling the necklace here. Excuse her manky t-shirt - she'd just eaten her tea!

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  1. lovely necklace and one proud young lady wearing it, lol..

    maria xx