Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sadly, no crafting for a bit...

Hello crafty friends,
Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm going off the crafting radar for a bit (again) - things have been more than a bit stressful Chez Strachan. There's been prep work involving removal of walls for my new kitchen install over the last two weeks which has meant so much cleaning etc and we're only half way there. My kitchen contents are currently all over my craft table so that kinda makes crafting a bit tricky anyway. My Other Half is going for spinal surgery on Monday which is a worrying time for all of us too, but, the saddest thing happened just Tuesday past. We lost our dear, beloved Kaspar in a fatal accident involving a car at the top of our road. The local SSPCA called to inform us of his death which literally knocked us all sideways. He was so special to all of us as he was such a character and a naughty boy too - he had lots of friends in the street and would often stop in for tea at many of the neighbours' houses. No wonder he was such a big handsome boy. A neighbour mentioned today how much everyone in the street was missing him - he even used to grace the bowling club at the bottom of our road with his presence because he liked to know what was happening on his patch. I guess his curiosity and wanderlust were his undoing. We have been left in pieces by this horrible tragedy - its so unfair that these things happen. I'm sure any animal lovers reading this will understand the pain we are feeling at the moment. So, no crafting for a bit.
Hoping to feel better soon -
               xxxxxxxxxxx RIP my handsome grey boy -  we will miss you forever! xxxxxxxxxxx
                                                            Dec 2010 - 18th Sept2012


  1. sending you lots of hugs jak...xx

    maria xx

  2. Hi Jak
    Sorry to hear about your cat. Hope your husband is recovering well after the surgery

    Hugs and sparkles


  3. Hope things get better soon Jak, we'll be waiting for you when you get back :) Sending hugs Suzie xxxx :)