Sunday, 27 January 2013

Good Sunday morning...

The basic model - excuse the glare of the cello bags!
Deluxe! A bit more to this one with layering and stamping going on!
Well, what a horrendous week for weather that was! Everywhere! I used to love snow but now I have to take a car to work it's just a pain in the you know what! I have given up counting how many times I've had to scrape the windscreen, shovel snow, move my car etc... We live in a particularly steep part of town - legend has it that not only is the hill that our house kinda nestles on the side of, the site of a pictish settlement but also a volcanic plug from a long long time ago... History lesson for today over with, it is in fact the hill with the steepest gradient that hardly anyone's handbrake tolerates. Result being - you really don't want to be stuck on it when it snows or ices over! Ah well on the plus side we have amazing views both up and down the Tay! So that aside, it has been super busy at work and most of my crafting time this week I've been prepping stuff for a photoshoot. However, last night I found time to make a few cards... hope you like them! Tell ya, that £1.95 book the illustrations here come from was a scoop and it just keeps on giving!
Have fun!

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  1. lovely cards jak, hope the weather has improved for you now, take care driving in it...

    maria xx