Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sadie's birthday cake...

Good morning everyone, hope you are well!
This week has gone by in a whirl - my youngest daughter turned 7 on Friday, so this week has been spent shopping for gifts, sorting out a cake and planning parties. Yes, parties - two of them. This sounds more impressive than it was because one was a little tea party with nibbles and cake at home and the other was in a place called Pirate's Island - they do the catering and the kids get to go crazy on the play equipment and play party games for 2 hours. However, you do have to provide your own cake and booty bags. So,  I got a big cake from Asda, one of those ones that they print a photo onto, but they didn't want to print it for me because they felt there was some copyright issues regarding the image. Hmmm, Ok... disappointing, but then I found a great place online that you send whatever image you want and they print it on to a sheet of very, very thin icing. (Now, I'll bet they get some very interesting images to work with LOL!) Yay, it came back in plenty of time and it looked amazing! So, all I really had to do was stick it onto the cake and throw some decorations at it! I was quite anxious about getting the icing stuck down 'cos its kind of a one shot only moment - the icing is really thin and you can't pull it off again if it's not straight. And if you use too much water to stick it, well, the icing just melts... We made some My Little Pony cake toppers for it and a little string of bunting for good measure. Sadie's little face was a picture when she saw it. She still loves My Little Pony and just about every gift she received was something pony related. In true MLP fashion, Sadie said it was her "Best Birthday Ever"!
   Here's the cake 5 minutes before it got demolished by hungry seven-year-olds! Happy Birthday SadieBelle!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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