Friday, 8 November 2013

Tidy up time...

Hello everyone, hope you are well!
I've recently been up to my armpits in craft stash except that's not as exciting as it sounds. Basically, I've been having a good old clear out! I've been whittling away, thinning out all the stash I've accumulated over the last 7 years and I have got to a place where I'm quite happy with what I'm letting go now. I did think about asking the girls to take what they wanted before it all goes off to a good home (I've not actually worked out yet who's it's going to!) but I thought knowing my bunch they'll end up wanting the whole lot and I'll end up not being any better off for space! I admit it saddens me to see stuff I bought going unused tho' it's mostly stuff I've bought when I first started exploring scrapbooking. You know the kind of stuff I mean, stickers and rub-ons etc, stuff that seemed like a good buy at the time as they were in the bargain bin or sale. But I never did get a handle on making good use of these things. The stickers always looked a bit "stuck on for the sake of using them" and I never really got good results with rub-ons at all - usually ending with a total disaster and having to find a way of covering them up. Lol! Those were the days! How we have grown. Scrapbooking has changed such a lot since I started out. There seems to be two very different camps to be in these days. One is where you throw all sorts of textures and mediums at a bit of 12x12 cardstock showcasing just one photo and at the opposite end of the scale there is the Project Life kind of style where its just a matter of throwing some photos in pockets with a token bit of journalling and that's you done! Personally, I like to explore what happens somewhere between the two as both have their merits and advantages. Talking of scrapbooking - I really haven't done much of any crafting of late. Don't know what's up with me these days I just seem to be busier with the girls who obviously are going to bed a bit later as they get older and I think I feel less inclined to get crafting after the bedtime rush is over. I've tried doing bits and pieces while they're up and about but I'm afraid I'm one of those types that finds it hard to concentrate when there's noise and distraction around me. My craft area is actually a corner of the family room and although there's plenty space to work, peace and quiet is scarce! So, I guess I have failed miserably in my attempts to make enough minibooks, cards etc for a little craft sale of my own this year but well, there's always next year. I wonder if you are all busy making your Christmas cards, I should have been but I went and promised Millie I would help her start making her Xmas Fimo jewellery this weekend. Her school Craft Fair is at the beginning of Dec so we really do have to get cracking with it.  She wants to make Xmas Puds, Trees, Candy Canes and Gingerbreadmen. Guess who's heading on over to youtube for some inspiration...
Happy crafting everyone
PS. if you could telepathically send me some motivation that would be very much appreciated!

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