Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sadie's Little Blund Bear...

Good Sunday morning Happy Crafters!
    So, first off I'll apologise for the not too great photo. I'll admit I didn't try very hard with it as I wanted to get the page into an album pronto - Pabs the Paper Muncher was hanging about licking his kitty lips - he had his beady eyes on the paper rosettes and if it didn't disappear from his line of vision it was gonna be chomped! This is a LO dedicated to Chewing Bear! He's Sadie's little Blund Bear from Ikea and he was given to her as a baby from a friend or relly I cant exactly recall who... He's always been her favourite and was a constant companion while she was teething. She used to crawl around, carrying this bear in her gummy mouth which was really cute and why he got the name of Chewing Bear! Two weeks away from being 8, he still goes to bed with her! Apparently these little bears have a bit of a cult status online whereby Blund Bear fans take pics of him in far off places on various travels and upload them on to the t'internet! Daft but entertaining! Anyhoo, I thought the pic (although a bit dark on this photo) was sweet and wanted to try out a LO with it. The background paper is K & Company Bloomscape and some of the other papers are from a Colorbok kit I bought ohhh -  a good 4 years ago probably. It was on sale at QVC and although I liked it a lot at the time, I outgrew it quite soon afterwards. However, I really like it for adding a good splash of colour here and there as it had lots of diecut elements that keep coming in handy. I wanted to try out a folded paper strips technique for the photo frame and apart from the corners not really matching up (ah well!) I liked the end result. I'll maybe try it again with papers that have a less bold design...

Pablo thought the paper rosettes looked especially tasty!

I hope the bright colours bring some cheer to a drab Sunday!
Thanks for swinging by,

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